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Opening event 04.11.2022

Stunning presentation

CEO, CPO, CMO and CTO enchant the audience with an awesome presentation.

The No. 1 power fruit

"Ingredients of orange, pineapple, persimmon and banana combined in one fruit".
~ Jeremia F.

Overwhelming success

With our cookies, which were meant as a small special, we hit a gold vein and are sold out after half an hour.

Muri Christmas Market 25.11-26.11.2022

A dream comes to life

Our first final syrup is ready and immediately meets customers in Muri who are ready to buy and who are fascinated.

Cooperation among mini-companies

Together with another mini-company from the Alte Kanti Aarau, we successfully took part in the Muri Christmas Market.

The best seller thanks to YES

Attracted by the "YES" sign, many quickly discover our syrup and we sold one of our handmade syrups after another.

Aarau Christmas Market 4.12.2022

Sweet Christmas Market

Our delicious syrup/ punch sells well despite the bad weather.

Full commitment from the whole team

The whole team shares the shifts and so the market passes quickly in spite of the icy cold.

Christmas tea lights catch the eye

Many people immediately notice the cute bear and the bright sign and their interest is aroused.

Olten Christmas Market 09.12-11.12.2022

Baobup makes happy

Not only our customers enjoy tasting our delicious punch, but also our team, who advise them.

Christmas spirit

The beautiful market, as well as the snowy weather, makes our sales event in Olten really fairytale-like and it becomes even more beautiful as soon as we can announce sold out for the first time:

Fascinated young and old

Our syrup is great for all generations and it shows. Young to old show great interest in our syrup and we sell to satisfied customers.

In-house exhibition at the AKSA 15.12.2022


Thanks to Alte Kanti Aarau, we can finally present our Yes project to the school properly.

Lights out

When the lights suddenly went out, our team, fortified by the fine Baobup syrup, shone through the darkness with a big smile.

Good sale

Our team successfully sells the fine syrup and our fellow students show great interest in the baobab fruit.

Pitch Competition 25.02.2023 

Full commitment

In addition to full commitment on stage, our team also supports us off stage

Regional winner

We successfully pitched ourselves into first place in the canton of Aargau and became regional winners.

Eager discussions

Before the winner is read out, there is a lot of discussion in the team, everyone is excited.

Give something back 07.03.2023

Please sign here

Here our CEO signs the check for 500 CHF, which we donate to the PPO Foundation.

Happy handover

We are grateful that thanks to our Yes project we can give something back and support the PPO Foundation with a donation.


This foundation supports projects concerning education, schools, health, hygiene and quality of life in general in many different areas.
Read more HERE

Vienna International Trade Fair 10.03-12.03.2023

On the way to Vienna

Even the journey to the International Trade Fair in Vienna was a spectacle due to the transport of the bottles.On the way to Vienna

Auszeichnung für bestes Marketing

Thanks to a strong effort from the whole team, BaobUP wins the JA Award for "Best Marketing and Visual Presentation".

Convincing pitch

Our team also pitched well in Vienna and convinced with an interesting and motivated performance.